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  1. Employee Engagement In The Virtual World

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    With virtual on-boarding the norm and more candidates detached working from home, follow-ups with new employees will become more important.

    After you’ve hired your employee and have conducted the first 30 day review, you’ll want to conduct another review at the 60 day mark to measure progress and engagement.

    60 day reviews help ensure that the new hire’s performance hasn’t dipped. This second review also ensures the new hire isn’t experiencing any challenges that make them a flight risk, helping you avoid repeating the time consuming process of finding and hiring for the same role.

    What is the 60 day review / evaluation?

    A 60 day review or evaluation is a performance review (also known as a performance appraisal) that measures the new hire’s happiness with their work environment and the current culture, as well as learning what has been most effective in their onboarding experience. By asking your new hire for advice on improving the onboarding experience, you can make improvements to your process while simultaneously increasing new hire engagement when he or she sees how the feedback is helping to shape the company.

    60 Day Review Questions

    With these 60 day new hire check in questions, you’ll get an idea of how your new employee is performing, what support they need, what challenges they’re experiencing and how they’re acclimating to the new work environment.

    Remember: The goal of the 60 day review is to determine overall job satisfaction, see if they still have a positive attitude, and confirm that there aren’t any obstacles blocking the new hire from reaching peak performance.

    You can use these 60 day new hire check in questions, or they can be inspiration for coming up with your own:

    It’s been 2 months, is this job what you expected it to be?

    Have you experienced any issues or roadblocks with regards to meeting your job responsibilities? If so, what?

    What have you enjoyed most about your current team? Our company?

    With regards to communication, have you experienced any challenges?
    Has your team been helpful during your onboarding? What specifically has been best in getting you up to speed?

    What from your current onboarding experience would you recommend we replicate with future hires?

    What from your current onboarding experience would you change to better help new hires get acclimated?

    Do you feel like your training in the first 30 days set you up for success in the following 30 days? What could you have been better prepared for?

    Are you currently feeling challenged by your role? Are you becoming bored with any aspect of this job?

    Do you feel like you’ve received access to all of the information, tools, and resources you need to perform your responsibilities?

    Are there any tools or additional resources that would be helpful to provide to new hires for their onboarding experience?

    For your role, do you feel like you’ve been given all the support you need to be successful? If not, what would help?

    Final Thoughts: 60 Day Review Questions

    Performing 60 day performance reviews with new hires is essential to ensure that they’re engaged and off to a good start at your company. Leverage these 60 day evaluation questions to discover if your new hire is experiencing any challenges and to solicit recommendations to help improve the onboarding experience for future hires.

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