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  • No jab no job adverts double in September

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    It’s a big debate at the moment and I am sure for many HR professionals a real challenge in terms of determining their stance around such a sensitive issue. For many sectors this will not have so much impact on their businesses, but for many in the care sector, cleaning and hospitality sectors, it is…

  • Are You Your Shoes?

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    How can we resolve the struggle for authenticity? By David Chapman Whenever this whole COVID period passes, will there still be this massively endemic impact on how we work and how we present ourselves? Right now, we’re not in suits, we’re not wearing the armour. When everything is stripped away as it is, now,…

  • Say No To The Status Quo

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    The need for Agile Organisations…   By David Chapman A client asked me if I could write a blog on what the future for work might look like and how organisations will need to adapt? Of course, I said “yes, sure, no problem!”. Then I put the phone down and thought “crikey!” (that might…

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