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Interesting news this week from the “Wellcome Trust” as they announce considering the introduction of a four-day working week (Source: HR Grapevine 21/1/19). As a significantly large employer, this move will no doubt create interest across the UK employment market. The organisation considers it will not only improve work life balance but also lead to an increase in overall productivity.

Of course, many countries already operate reduced working hours. The Netherlands average 29 hour working weeks, whilst others including Denmark and Norway average c.33 hours and all with considerable success.

A recent call by the British Trade Union Federation called for the introduction of a 4-day week with the idea being that advanced technology should now be enabling us to take advantage of such. Whilst the feeling is that a three-day weekend will probably eventually happen across many economies, it’s not going to happen overnight and probably not for the next few years, but there is anticipation that we may see considerable change over the next 10-15+ years…

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