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President & CEO, Cabot Jaffee, at AlignMark , makes some interesting comments today proposing the “changed” approach we will need to adopt, to successfully recruit across the Millennial population. Writing on Linkedin he goes on to suggest “It’s not a matter of “if” you’re going to change your recruiting practices, it’s a matter of “when.” It’s inevitable, and a matter of fact, companies will be changing the way they recruit and hire employees. He bases this on the following

• Millennial/Generation Y is the largest generation in history.
• Within the next 5 years over 75M will be in the job market.
• There will be an abundance of workers applying for jobs and they will have a set of expectations that is totally different than today.

The self-awareness and communication skills of the millennial generation are very different than for previous generations, Jaffee suggests. Their expectations of what they are looking for in an employer is different as well. Albert Einstein once said “I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Although Jaffee suggests this may be a little harsh, he goes on to say that it is something we must pay attention to.

His Recommendations are:
1. Treat the candidate like a customer versus an “applicant.” The Applicant Tracking Systems out there today benefit the organization and the recruiter, not the candidates. Companies need to start catering to the needs of their candidates over the needs of the recruiters. Simply making the recruiter’s job easier will not work.

2. Interactivity and communication throughout the hiring process is key. Too many processes leave the candidate in limbo. When people send text messages to their friends they expect answers back right away. To be left not knowing whether there is a match (in a very timely manner) will not be acceptable to candidates any more.

3. Text is old and outdated – video is King. As with the mainstream Internet tomorrow’s candidates are used to seeing video for everything they do. The job application and hiring process will be no different. Those companies that use video applications and video assessments will have the upper hand.

4. Short steps in the process versus one long application is a must. The Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) process of registering, filling out a lengthy application and then taking an assessment, all before hearing whether there is a potential fit will no longer fly.

5. Creating and communicating your employee value proposition early in the recruiting process goes a long way. Tomorrow’s applicants will care less about pay and more about a company that aligns with their own values. They will have choices and those companies that can show and prove they have a mission statement and values that align with the candidate’s will win the battle.

Source: Linkedin, March 21st 2018

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