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Andy Murray winning his first Wimbledon title shows how success in any context can be driven with the help of strong mentoring, writes Executive Grapevine this week

The first British men’s champion in 77 years went straight over to his mentor Ivan Lendl to celebrate, once he realised he had won – showing an appreciation for the man that helped him to succeed.

According to The Telegraph, when talking about his coach, Murray says: “He’s made me learn more from the losses that I’ve had than maybe I did in the past.”

Nick Goldberg, Managing Director, Lee Hecht Harrison UK & Ireland, says that it is important for coaches, in business and tennis, to make this analysis; “From my perspective Murray’s coach enabled him to look forward.

“Four years ago his coach looked at what the number one tennis player in the country looked like and then had a real focus on what Murray needed to improve on, and that all amalgamated in yesterday. A big part of his win was down to his coach doing that analysis many years ago when they sat down together for the first time and looked at the future.”

Murray’s victory shows that with the right planning and coaching, individuals can progress further to fulfil their potential – achieving their highest expectations.

In an interview with CNN, Lendl said: “I don’t think you don’t become good by having low expectations, if the player has high expectations then the coach has to have high expectations as well.”

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