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Without a doubt, the rapid advacements in technology over the last 10+ years have been completely amazing, allowing us to keep our finger on the pulse of things “back in the office” via Balckberrys, laptops etc as we supposedly relax on a beech, or chill out at the weekend/evenings. It has the potential of course also to turn us into work junkies, who never seem to switch off completely anymore. It makes me wonder if we should in turn shout “stop” on hearing of a newly trailed office scheme (being trialed currently here in the UK), which allows employees on maternity leave the option to bring their babies into work and be placed right beside the work desk so mum’s can get back to work early from maternity leave (this is not a creche facility, this is mum working with baby beside her). Now don’t get me wrong, recent statistics have indicated that as many as 30% of new mums can facing going into debt whilst on maternity leave, but bringing your new born baby into work? Surely this is a time for mum to get some rest and allow her body to return to normal too? Rather than empowering mums, might this not just put extra pressure on mums to return to work. Or have I got in wrong and this is exactly the flexibility that is needed?

I will leave the decision with you, but we do, I feel, need to take stock all of us, constant pushing ourselves to be all things to all people, when really we all know that our bodies can ultimately only take so much.

What are your thoughts/experiences on this…I’d love to know!

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