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Well as someone who has never been that interested in the Royal family, I have to say that the Jubilee Celebrations were a fantastic experience. As a family we had a Jubilee party in the garden on the Saturday followed by watching the Pageant on the Thames on Sunday.

Not only was I amazed at the volume of people that visited London for the event, I was also very impressed with the way it was organised. In a time when we know it is tough for everyone, the feel good factor of the Jubilee celebrations can only be a good thing for all. Not only that but it actually made you feel proud to be British and that we actually have so much to look forward to this summer with the Olympics.

I think the Jubilee celebrations have done a lot to reduce the amount of cynics who think that this bank holiday was just another unnecessary cost. Also it is injected more enthusiasm and confidence in the country in what is going to be a very exciting time with the country hosting the Olympics. What do you think and what did you do to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee?

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