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The fast food restaurant will create thousands of jobs, and the majority will go to young people. McDonald’s has announced that it will create 2,500 jobs in 2012, and will see 30% of these go to first-time workers, while more than half will go to people under the age 25. Over the last three years McDonalds has created 13,500 and its total UK workforce will now reach 90,000.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says: “”McDonald’s has an excellent reputation for developing its staff with training and apprenticeship programmes. This invests valuable time and resources to help young people, with little or no experience in the world of work, to develop their skills and confidence. “In the end, that gives young people a terrific opportunity to move up within the company, or use their experience and training to move into other jobs. It’s a telling fact that half of McDonald’s current board have progressed from the shop floor to the top floor, having started their careers serving customers in the restaurant.”

Jill McDonald, CEO, McDonald’s UK, says: “Today’s job market is particularly tough for young people so it remains vital that these jobs continue to offer great training programmes that teach the valued, transferable skills that will give them a solid footing on the career ladder and help them to progress their careers with us or other employers.”

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