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Recent research by GpK NOP Engage is suggesting that a whopping 23% of employees are hoping to move employers within the next year and furthermore that Britain risks a “Brain Drain” as 7.6million workers (c.27%) are now suggesting that they are willing to move overseas in order to improve their job prospects.
Sukhi Ghataore, Director at GfK NOP Engage says, “Our findings indicate Britain has a risk of ‘brain drain’ in the coming year, posing significant problems for companies looking to recover from the downturn. Both blue collar and white collar workers in the UK show a quarter (27 and 26 per cent respectively) of their number are willing to look overseas for work – and that figure rises for the higher educated workers. Even if only a fraction of these people actually make the move abroad, UK businesses will face a significant loss of talent, just at the time they most need it.”

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