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Well if like me you have been watching another captivating series of the Apprentice, you will agree that once again, we have had another year of very interesting candidates trying to impress, sell and even bamboozle Lord Sugar with their armoury of skills and experience. One candidate more than any other has certainly been forcing home the issue of how great his business acumen can benefit the Sugar Empire – “Stuart Baggs The Brand”

Sadly, from an entertainment perspective, Stuart was finally given the push this week after last week appearing to have won Lord Sugar over with his sales patter of being the man for the job. And there was certainly no other candidate in the process who had been smooth talking more than Stuart. As clearly indicated by Claude Litner, after ripping Stuart to pieces in the interview (have to say, I think his interview technique has something to be desired, but that is for another blog), it was highlighted to Stuart that he does not have a Brand at all. May be that is true, but in Stuart’s defence, his approach to the Apprentice was actually very astute. He went in there with a game plan, to have a personal brand, and have some unique selling points to the other contestants. Sadly for Stuart, his CV was slightly fabricated, and finally he was found out as being someone who “talks the talk, rather than walks the walk.” But we all knew that didn’t we?

One valuable lesson can be learnt from Stuart’s experience in the Apprentice. Creating you own personal brand is important, especially when entering the job market. Every employer will look at you across the interview table, and through the impressions you set, determine if you are the type of person and brand they want in their company. Just remember to ensure you have a brand perception, and through all the activities you carry out, whether online through social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, or the presentation and content of your CV, your dialogue and interaction with recruitment consultancies, and even your own appearance in the interview, you are doing one thing…………creating your Brand.

We may not want to follow the way Stuart Baggs attempted it, but he was on the right lines in how he was trying to approach the Apprentice competition. He was a little miss-directed and naive, and clearly demonstrated where your own self branding can fall down. In a competitive job market it is important to distinguish yourself from the competition and every activity you carry out is critical to this.

We would like to hear your comments in ways you are working on your own Brand when entering the job market, and any pointers you can pass on.

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