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With 2009 coming to a close, many will be please to see the back of what has been a very challenging year. Throughout the year we have seen the global economy in the heart of recession, and many in HR having to tackle some very challenging issues; managing complex redundancy programmes and pay freezes, ensuring good levels of employee engagement in such tricky times and even developing contingency plans for the pandemic that never was – swine flu. With 2010 offering a more positive outlook for many, it will be a critical time for HR professionals to be reviewing their reward strategies and development budgets for next year. Without doubt there will be more employees making “natural moves” within the market to develop their careers, so it will be essential for business to have a robust retention programme in place. Through talking to many HR professionals in the market many seem to think that next year will see them in a better position to review their careers rather than looking over their shoulders and worrying as to whether they will have a job next week. So without doubt 2010 will be a critical one for HR, and we would like to hear what HR initiatives you are implementing as a business to ensure you are ready for the upturn next year.

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